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What's the difference between your collections?

The main differences among different collections are the materials used and the thickness of the socks. 

In the TEKAPO line, we use possum down only, instead of normal possum fibre. A special technology has been employed to remove the guard hair before yarn spinning, to produce this extreme softness and comfort. 

TEKAPO, PIHA and HUKA line have a thicker cushion at the bottom of the feet, which provides extra comfort, warmth and durability. Hence, the socks are heavier and cost more to produce. The difference between TEKAPO and PIHA/HUKA is that TEKAPO line is using possum down while PIHA/HUKA lines are using regular possum fiber. In other words, TEKAPO line is softer and more luxurious. 

Both PIHA and HUKA are made from the same materials but the design is slightly different. HUKA has a bit more sporty design and logo on the top while PIHA socks are subtle and logo is situated on the toes.

The differences between PIHA/HUKA line and HAMILTON line is the weight of the socks and double cushioning. HAMILTON line doesn’t have the thicker cushion at the bottom of the feet. It’s single layer and more suitable for chilly but not-so-cold weather. NAPIER is made from the same material as HAMILTON but NAPIER design is up to ankle.


What if I want to cancel or change my order?

We try to fulfil orders very quickly; that said, please email us at and we’ll see what we can do! Otherwise, you can always send them back for free within 14 days of purchase.


Do you ship worldwide? What's the shipping rate?

Yes! We ship worldwide. 

Shipping rates:

New Zealand - 6 NZD - 7 business days

The rest of the world - 15 NZD - 14 business days