Nooan Ltd


lightweight & comfortable
Brushtail Possum fibres are tapered in shape and only 1-2 microns at the tip. This unique feature provides fabrics with superior softness. Brushtail Possum fibres are hollow and when finished they burst to the surface of fabric. This ‘halo effect’ creates its lightness of touch.
exceptional insulation
Brushtail Possum fibres have hollow core pockets, meaning the individual fibres trap and retain more warmth for the wearer compared to other fibres. This offers you superior warmth with a lighter weight garment.
long lasting & breathable
Due to the unique fibre structure and the way our fabrics are finished with Brushtail possum fibres sitting on the surface, our fabrics are less inclined to pill. This provides you a more durable garment, that looks new for longer. In addition, the combination of Brushtail possum fibre with either merino or cashmere creates a very breathable fabric. 
ethical, responsible & sustainable
Raw materials used in our yarns are ethically, humanely and responsibly sourced by carefully selected suppliers. These experts ensure certified farms supply our wool and experienced hunters and trappers collect our Brushtail Possum fibre. This provides you piece of mind and the knowledge that the socks you are wearing are positively impacting our environment.