Nooan Ltd





We don’t hate synthetic material and fossil fuel by-products but we believe that they are overused. 


We believe that we have to find a more sustainable way of living, the way we eat, what we wear and how we live.


We also believe that nature has the solutions.


Last but not least, we believe that good products start from good raw materials, not marketing.


This philosophy drives us to source the best natural materials, carefully select our suppliers and partners.

We review all processes from manufacturing to packaging, to make it as sustainable as possible.


We believe that a sustainable life can be fashionable, comfortable and profitable. Together, let’s create a healthier, more sustainable future for our species and the planet.



Sustainability is not just a feature of our Products,

it is in the values and design of our business



Our commitment to sustainability


Sustainability has become a commonly heard word. More and more of us are willing to consume consciously and live in a sustainable world. But how do we know what we buy is sustainably grown and produced?

This is why when we built nooan, we know that we, as the brand owner, need to be responsible. We need to choose values over price and profit margin; we need to go and see and validate.


This is why we are so happy when we visited @perinobywoolyarns and see how they recycle all the waste yarn and regenerate them into beautiful new yarn, and how they manage their waste water of the dye-house to make it so clean that you can drink.


This is also why we only use merino wool from ZQ certified farms.  We also believe that healthy sheep naturally produce the best quality fibre; The ZQ program ensures healthy animals by adhering to five basic freedoms:

  • Free from thirst
  • Free to live naturally
  • Free from discomfort
  • Free from distress
  • Free from disease
  • No mulesing


Beyond taking care of the sheep, ZQ merino also #zqrx to ensure our land and soil. 


We also continuously review our own production process, especially in terms of packaging, to make less waste and less usage of plastics.  Over 80% of our package materials are plastic free, renewable and recyclable.


Changes start from small actions, not big talk.




Why does nooan only have socks?  Why don’t you do hats, glove and scarfs?


We don’t think about socks, do we? 


22 billion pairs sold every year, it is the biggest consumable segment in fashion and it is growing fast!  However, the majority of them are made with synthetic fossil fuel by-products. 


We have a vision to be a big player in this market segment and encourage more people to use sustainably grown and produced natural materials. 


To achieve this goal, we need to continue to innovate, from style, to functionality, to material innovation.  We will continue to focus on socks, until, one day, when you visit your wardrobe, most of your socks are made with sustainably grown and naturally produced materials!


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