Nooan Ltd

Unplug, Recharge & Reconnect

Amidst the whispers of ancient forests and the tender caress of sustainable materials, let us find solace in the arms of nature's embrace.


As Earth Day dances upon the horizon, let's embark on a journey to celebrate the enchanting bond between humanity and the natural world. From the whispering forests to the gentle embrace of sustainable materials, let us weave a tale of love and harmony.



Wild Forest Estate


Wild Forest Estate is 35 acres of native forest. It plays host to a multitude of living creatures and beautiful natural features. We count kauri trees and kiwi amongst the beings living here. We see our role as guardians of the land and we believe in the power of nature to heal itself through the process of re-wilding. Mother Nature has free rein here. To do what she does best. It is this powerful healing energy that also works on us daily, and guests experience glimpses of it during their stay. Stress dissolves, horizons broaden, connections are reestablished - within individuals, between lovers, between people and nature. You’re welcome here.



Nooan Socks


Across oceans and mountains, in the land of Aotearoa, nooan socks embodies the spirit of passion and dedication. Inspired by the ethereal softness of possum fiber and super fine merino wool, we've woven a tale of warmth and tenderness. Laboratory tests confirm the unrivaled allure of our socks – from their embrace of warmth to the seductive softness . Yet, it's our commitment to sustainability that ignites the flame of devotion. With each stitch, each fiber, we pledge to honor the sacred dance between humanity and nature, crafting products that sing the songs of eco-conscious love.




Join us to celebrate Earth Day 2024


At the heart of Wild Forest Estate and nooan socks lies a symphony of shared passion and devotion to sustainable craftsmanship and reconnection with nature.


This Earth Day, let us surrender to the enchanting embrace of nature's romance while championing sustainability. From 2nd April to 20 th April, 2024, every purchase of nooan socks entitles you to enter a dreamy lucky draw. One lucky soul will win a 2-night stay at Wild Forest Estate – a haven of romance and serenity where you can lose yourself amidst nature's tender embrace. The winner's tale shall be revealed on Earth Day, April 22nd, 2024.




Terms and Conditions


  • All online purchases of nooan socks made between 2nd April to 20 th April, 2024, are eligible for entry into the lucky draw.
  • The winner shall receive a 2-night stay for 2 people at Wild Forest Estate, subject to the enchanting availability of dates.
  • Transport to and from Wild Forest Estate shall be covered by the winner themselves.
  • The winner will be revealed on Earth Day, April 22nd, 2024.
  • The lucky draw should not be redeemed to cash or other form of values beside of accommodation.