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Support Sustainable Natural Materials


We started nooan socks because we fell in love with these amazing natural materials which are unique to New Zealand: possum fiber + super fine merino.


Laboratory research around the world proves that they have many outstanding benefits for our wellbeing:

  • 35% warmer than cashmere
  • Extremely soft so that they are not irritating and allergic, even for baby and seniors
  • 3-10 times more breathable than cotton and nylon
  • Don’t get stinky; easy to dry and clean, perfect for outdoors
  • And more


But what makes us even more committed to introducing this amazing New Zealand product to the world is their sustainability features.  We only use ZQ certified super fine merino. ZQ is a leading NZ organization in the area of sustainable farming. You can read more about them by Googling “discover ZQ”.



All our possum fibers are from the Department of Conservation which spends a lot of money and effort to trap and control possum populations in our national parks to preserve our native bush and wildlife.


There are immense amounts of environmental effort put into making the yarn and the final products, from color dyes to waste water treatments to recycling waste yarns and more.


There are generations of hard-work and commitment by many people and organizations to produce these beautiful natural products and why doesn’t everyone in the world know about it?!  22 billion pairs of socks are used every year and why are the majority of them still made with nylon and unsustainable cotton, while these functional natural materials are largely unknown?


Let’s change that!  Let’s support Sustainable Natural Materials!



How to be part of it?


  • We will have a lucky draw on 30 October 2023 to select a winner!  The winner will enjoy a 2-night stay at Heavenly Escape, an award winning luxurious holiday house with stunning views and modern comforts.
  • Every purchase of nooan socks over NZD80 from 15 August 2023 to 15 October 2023 will be eligible for the lucky draw.
  • Please help us to spread the word and encourage friends and family to support sustainable natural materials!  Let’s be conscious consumers, not just when buying socks.




About Heavenly Escape


Heavenly Escape has all the features for a luxurious holiday home:

  • Designed by award winning Queenstown architects;
  • Set on hilltop with stunning 360 degree ocean views;
  • Very spacious with in-house movie system, enormous open kitchen and bar;
  • All 5 bedrooms have en-suite bathrooms;
  • Seamless flow between inside and outside spaces;
  • Quiet, private, eco, luxury interiors with modern home automation, and surrounded by beautiful beaches.


But luxury can be sustainable. Throughout the design process, sustainability has been a big part of the consideration, from the orientation of the house, to solar power production, to waste water treatment and more.



Heavenly Escape has won Airbnb Host of The Year in the category of Design. 


Please see guests reviews and more information of the house by clicking the link below.



Terms and Conditions


Each order is one entry; more orders, higher possibility to win.

  • The eligible order has to be over NZD80.
  • The winner can redeem the prize from 1 Nov 2023 to 30 October 2024.
  • The winner can book any 2 nights from 1 Nov 2023 to 30 October 2024, except the period of 20 Dec 2023 to 5 Jan 2024, and the dates which have already been booked by other guests.  To check availability, please click
  • The prize can be shared with friends and family.  Guests who will stay need to follow the house rules listed on Airbnb, and provide valid ID and credit card just in case for any damages.   We have not had any damages reports so far with previous guests and certainly hope that there will not be one in the future.
  • The prize cannot be redeemed via cash or other forms of payments and will expire after 30 October 2024.